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  • OSR-Empfehlung 2010, Österreich


    Oberster Sanitätsrat (OSR)

    Gesichtspunkte zur aktuellen gesundheitlichen Bewertung des Mobilfunks – Empfehlung des Obersten Sanitätsrates Ausgabe 12/10

    „Nach den aktuellen wissenschaftlichen Reviews zur Mobilfunktelefonie liegt unterhalb der aktuellen Grenz- bzw. Richtwerte derzeit kein gesicherter wissenschaftlicher Nachweis gesundheitlicher Schäden am Menschen vor ...“ (siehe Seite 1)

    „... wird festgehalten, dass die Faktenlage als nicht ausreichend angesehen wird, um die bestehenden Richt- bzw. Grenzwerte (wie sie in der ÖNORM E 8850 verankert sind) in Evidenz basierter Weise auf ein bestimmtes niedrigeres Niveau abzusenken.“ (siehe Seite 3)

  • WHO Fact Sheet 193, International


    World Health Organization (WHO)

    WHO Fact Sheet 193 – Electromagnetic fields and public health: mobile telephones and their base stations

    “To date, no adverse health effects have been established for mobile phone use.”
    “A retrospective case-control study on adults, INTERPHONE, coordinated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), was designed to determine whether there are links between use of mobile phones and head and neck cancers in adults. The international pooled analysis of data gathered from 13 participating countries found no increased risk of glioma or meningioma with mobile phone use of more than 10 years. There are some indications of an increased risk of glioma for those who reported the highest 10% of cumulative hours of cell phone use, although there was no consistent trend of increasing risk with greater duration of use. Researchers concluded that biases and errors limit the strength of these conclusions and prevent a causal interpretation.“ (see website, last visited 10.10.2010)

  • WBF-Konsensbericht 2010, Österreich


    Wissenschaftlicher Beirat Funk (WBF)

    Bewertung der aktuellen wissenschaftlichen Studien zum Thema „Mobilfunk und Gesundheit¯

    „Nach eingehender Prüfung der Studienlage sowie intensiver Diskussion kamen die ExpertInnen einstimmig zu dem Ergebnis, dass nach aktuellem Stand zwar vereinzelte Effekte durch den Mobilfunk beschrieben wurden, eine Gesundheitsgefährdung jedoch bisher nicht – wissenschaftlich schlüssig –
    nachgewiesen werden konnte! Es kann daher auch weiterhin davon ausgegangen werden, dass Mobilfunk – bei Einhaltung der Grenzwerte – keine Gesundheitsgefahr für den Menschen darstellt.“ (siehe Seite 1)

  • NCI Factsheet, USA


    National Cancer Institute (NCI)

    Cell Phones and Cancer Risk

    "Research studies have not shown any consistent link between cellular telephone use and cancer, but scientists feel that additional research is needed before firm conclusions can be drawn." (see summary key point 5)

  • Impact and the effectiveness of EU actions, European Union


    Executive Agency for Health and Conusmers and Bio Intelligence Service in cooperation with Danish Cancer Society, the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology

    Promoting Healthy Environments with a Focus on the Impact of Actions on Electromagnetic Fields

    “There is no conclusive scientific evidence of any adverse health effects below the protection limits of exposure to electromagnetic fields proposed by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), implemented in Europe by the Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC. The advantage of applying the ICNIRP guidelines is their solid scientific basis of established biological effects.” (see page 86)

  • HPS Fact Sheet, USA


    Health Physics Society (HPS)

    HPS Health Physics Society - Specialists in Radiation Safety, Fact Sheet on Mobile Telephones

    These analyses, together with other previous reviews by expert groups and health agencies, show there is no clear evidence for health hazards from exposures to RF fields below international (IEEE or ICNIRP) exposure guidelines.” (see page 3)

  • HPA Advice, United Kingdom


    Health Protection Agency (HPA)

    Health Advice on Mobile Phones

    “The scientific consensus is that, apart from the increased risk of a road accident due to mobile phone use when driving, there is no clear evidence of adverse health effects from the use of mobile phones or from phone masts.” (see website, last visited 10.10.2010)

  • EFHRAN-Report, European Union


    European Health Risk Assessment Network on EMF Exposure (EFHRAN)

    D3 - Report on the analysis of risks associated to exposure to EMF: in vitro and in vivo (animals) studies

    “In the last 15 years most of the research on RF and health has been devoted to the search for nonthermal biological effects of exposure. This search has been unsuccessful so far in spite of the report of many uncorrelated findings. The collection of recent papers does not change the overall picture and, on the contrary, it appears that the quality of the work in particular in terms of exposure systems and dosimetry has not been satisfactory, despite the availability of such devices and methods. Results from the high-quality studies are mostly negative.” (see page 16)
    “For the three frequency ranges examined, the conclusions of the 2009 SCENIHR report are still valid in spite of the publication of several positive findings.” (see Page 27)